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Welcome to http://barre.me. I’m an Albany resident, a native of France who moved to the area in 2001 as a biomedical engineer. With that out of the way I hope to share with you my singular interest for photography. I will feature the work of like-minded local photographers and friends of mine, and share their unique vision of the Capital District. Stick around as I move contents to this blog: feel free to subscribe to the RSS feed or the newsletter to stay in touch, or just contact me.


I’m still not sure why anybody would interview me but I found out that doing so was a great way for me to consolidate my own thoughts about photography, where I started, and where I would like to go. Here are a few links to Q/A sessions I’ve done recently, they might give you a better idea of what it is all “about”. I’ve also included an artist statement at the end, for press — I usually don’t talk about myself in the third person.

  1. Interesting in 2010: Sebastien Barre at All Over Albany (December 31st, 2010)
  2. Cool Factor 10: The Photography of Sebastien Barre – Part 1 and Part 2 at Nippertown (August 2nd, 2010)
  3. Art Show : Albany – Sébastien Barré at Uncommon Grounds Community (July 09, 2010)
  4. Five Questions: Sebastien Barre by Jessica Pasko at the Troy Record (May 30, 2010). Where I try to answer why French people are so rude (original, longer version soon)
  5. Lost Landmarks: Photographers Keep Memories of Old Upstate Buildings Alive by Sara Foss at the Daily Gazette (February 21, 2010). Behind paywall, unfortunately.
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Oh yes, we harvest twice a year, you know, this is the old world way. Now let me show you the goats.
Photo and quote by Bennett V. Campbell

Solo Exhibitions

  1. Spectrum 8, Albany, NY, February – April, 2011 (photos)
  2. Waterford Public Library, Waterford, NY, October – November, 2010 (photos)
  3. The Unnoticed, Uncommon Grounds, Albany, NY, May – July, 2010 (photos)

Group Exhibitions

  1. Albany Center Gallery 7th Annual Member Show, ACG, Albany, January – February 2012
  2. Albany Center Gallery Gala, ACG, Albany, November 2011 (photo)
  3. Art For AIDS Sake, NYS Museum, Albany, NY, October 2011 (photo)
  4. Exposed, The Lake House in Washington Park, Albany, October 2011 (photos)
  5. Forgive Our Trespasses, Albany Barn Stage 1, August, 2011 (photos)
  6. 75th Exhibition by Artists of the Mohawk-Hudson Region, Albany Institute of History & Art, July – September, 2011 (photos, winners, review)
  7. Fence 11, Arts Center of the Capital Region, Troy, NY, June – July, 2011 (photos)
  8. 33rd Photo Regional (Honorable Mention), Albany Center Gallery, Albany, NY, June – July, 2011 (photos, review)
  9. Capital Region Photography Group Exhibit, Guilderland Public Library, Guilderland, NY, July 2011 (photos)
  10. Art for ALS, Albany Barn Stage 1, Albany, NY, June, 2011 (photos)
  11. Beauty of Ugliness (Best in Show), Albany Public Library, Albany, NY, May – June, 2011 (photos)
  12. Pride Art Show, Romaine Brooks Gallery (Capital Pride Center), Albany, NY, June, 2011 (photos)
  13. Morphology, Albany Public Library, Albany, NY, December, 2010 – January, 2011 (photos)
  14. Art For AIDS Sake, NYS Museum, Albany, NY, October 2010 (photos)
  15. Wish You Were Here, NYS Museum, Albany, NY, September, 2010 – August, 2011 (photos)
  16. First Friday, 4 Central Gallery, Albany, NY, September, 2010 (photos)
  17. Fence 10, Arts Center of the Capital Region, Troy, NY, June – July, 2010 (photos, review)
  18. Lark Tavern Fundraiser, Marketplace Gallery, Albany, NY, May, 2010 (photos)
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On the roof of The Daily Grind, trying to look like I’m not terrorized.
Photo by Bennett V. Campbell

Artist Statement

Sébastien Barré is an engineer by day and photographer by night. Living in Albany, NY, this native of France moved to Upstate New York in 2001 and has developed an affinity for abandoned buildings, live performances, architecture, and community events. Sébastien’s work has been featured in 3 solo exhibitions and 18 group shows since 2010. He recently won an honorable mention at the 33rd Photo Regional hosted by Albany Center Gallery and had work on display at the 75th Exhibition by Artists of the Mohawk-Hudson Region hosted by the Albany Institute of History & Art.

I grew up surrounded by old houses and the occasional ruin. I like to look at an abandoned building as a lost vessel that holds memories. Many of the places I visit feel like they had been occupied a week before. Chairs, desks, files, toys, folders, a can of soup, a last cup of coffee — a lot was left behind. These objects are now self-sufficient, they exist without us. One wonders who left them, too. Why was it so sudden? Who was the last person to flip the switch and how did they feel about it? I try to provide a glimpse into this world of chaos and decay before it inevitably gives way to something completely different old or new.” — Sébastien Barré

A few more photos

That you can photoshop freely. Pancakes on head welcome.

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