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Posted on January 22, 2013 at 12:19 am
IR Cloud - Albany, NY - 2012, Aug - 01.jpg

A month ago the busy bees at All Over Albany asked a handful of local photographers to share the best photo they felt they took in 2012. The results from this informal poll were to be compiled in a post featured during AOA’s winter break. This didn’t happen, since only Bennett and myself answered their plea — we get enough love already. This has been a slow season for me with respect to photography, though there are worst predicaments than losing your artistic mojo, if any. I blame the Mayans. I took about 40% less pictures in 2012 than I did in 2011, which would be quite alright if I had improved 120% — that’s solid math right there. As it turns out I can’t even pinpoint a specific one and go “Man, this is one killer photo, self high-five!”. We shall see what 2013 brings, a change of scenery might be overdue, more on that another time.

Let’s put the sad trombone back in the closet and allow me to share some of my favorites from 2012. There are a lot of talented photographers around here, this is my attempt at nudging you in their general direction. Unsurprisingly, some of the men and women I mention below were already on my list of people to chat with — I enjoyed working on Justin Higgins’ post and hopefully I’ll get back to this interview project soon. This, below, is a random selection, I’m confident I forgot a few. Bennett’s own list is out, swing by before he gets hacked again, I support his message.

I’m a big fan of Flickr user skippymarv (Chris), he doesn’t post very often but his black & white work is outstanding. I love the silhouettes in this action shot (above, with permission), the brilliant bird reflection he captured back in September, and his cunning eye for shadows. I hope to feature his work and motivations later this year, but in the meantime check him out on Flickr.


A photographer I discovered this year is Hap9541 (Paul), there is a lot to enjoy in his shot of the Market Block in Troy at night, the light on this rolling hill (below, with permission), and his elegant mists and sunrises. He is most likely a pro.

Approaching the Light
Sunrise Mist

Elisa captured a lonely bench in the snow in Ohio a year ago (below, with permission). It just works for me so let’s all pretend it happened in Washington Park. You might remember her from the striking picture she took from the top of the NYS Capitol Building in 2011.

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I skipped the Warrior Dash this year but A Man Called ACME took this imposing photo (below, with permission) and I had to crawl under my bed…

Warrior Dash Participant just after finishing

…that’s fine because this picture of two young women at a window by Lew Zimmerman gave me a warm feeling later on (below, with permission).

Flickr user 95wombat took a whirltastic long exposure of the elusive Canajoharie pothole back in January (below, with permission). I tried to replicate that photo a few months later and failed miserably, don’t do it at home.

The Unphotographable Pothole

A day later my buddy Bennett woke up to this beautiful sunrise below. I was in bed for another two hours.

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I have only good words to say about Patrick Stephenson‘s work and demeanor, his self-portraits and nature shots regularly contribute to the best five minutes I won’t recover. A couple below, with permission.

Self Portrait w/ Hound
Nobody Home

William Gill has a fascinating passion for trains at night, he is a guy who knows how to work with light, or lack thereof (below, with permission). I share his passion for not getting hit by trains at night.

Valley RR 3025

Not so distant from the Capital Region, I can’t pass on this spectacular shot of flame throwing cars (!) in Syracuse by Scott Thomas (below, with permission). Boom. ‘Merica.

4 Wheeled Flamethrowers

Now, I didn’t want to completely dodge AOA’s question, so I’ll mention some personal memories from last year, pictures you may have seen already on this blog. Color Me Rad was undoubtedly good fun. RestFEST brought unexpected colors to St. Joseph Cathedral. I discovered water snakes are real. I tried to make a gas station look sexy (below). I found out abandoned doors are still popular. I was grateful for the gift of electricity in Howe’s Caverns. I confirmed that clowns are still evil, and that kids with baby animals are cute overload. As I said — slow year…

X-Pro1 Day #10 - Albany, NY - 2012, Apr - 02.jpg

Enjoy 2013.


  1. Patrick says:

    Great selection of photographs! Thanks for making me a part of it.

  2. Albert Gnidica says:

    These are a huge inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

  3. skippymarv says:

    Thank you for your kind remarks.

  4. B says:

    Great post. Did you choose these or did they? Good selections either way.

    Worth noting that a framed print of the Ft. Edwards sunset will be in a silent auction at the Delaware branch of the Albany Public Library on Friday, Jan 25. Proceeds benefit The Friendship Garden of the Delaware Community School.

  5. Sebastien says:

    @B: Thanks. I did pick them myself. I didn’t have a “best shot” to suggest to AOA so I figured I would give them my “favorite shots” by other photographers instead.

  6. B says:

    Worked out well.

    Sunrise, sunset, whatever (UPDATE: fixed, thx). Still didn’t get to see a short-eared owl.

  7. mg says:

    Such beautiful photos.
    Like something Life magazine would have!

  8. Elisa says:

    Honored to be part of this group. Most kind of you.

  9. Char says:

    Inspiring work! The photos beautiful, the commentary so well done!

  10. Scott Duclos says:

    Wow, some wonderful pics!

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