Hobbit’s House

Posted on March 30, 2011 at 10:45 pm
Twisted - Middlebury, VT - 2011, Mar - 01.jpg

Or is it? Wait, they live underground. Summer retreat maybe? Whoever wove these twigs and branches had patience and a knack for intricacy. I spotted these huts in Middlebury, VT a few days ago. Of charming Middlebury I’ll remember three things. A waterfall (seen below), great local cider at the Two Brothers Tavern,  and napping in a field long enough to drain the car battery with a MP3 player.

Waterfall - Middlebury, VT - 2011, Mar - 01.jpg

The photographs below were shot earlier this month in Hudson. I think they are pretty representative of what Hudson is all about, but don’t take my word for it. Especially on the dead Tweety Bird.

Mexican Radio - Hudson, NY - 2011, Feb - 01.jpg
White Skate - Hudson, NY - 2011, Feb - 01.jpg
Tweety Bird - Hudson, NY - 2011, Feb - 01.jpg


  1. Sally Reckner says:

    neat stuff, as always, Sebastien! Loved your pictures and comments on Vrooman’s Nose – that’s one of my favorite quick hikes, plus I’m a moon person..I read somewhere that in moonshine days, locals used to square dance on that flat surface, but i can only imagine them do-si-do-ing right over the edge, especially with moonshine involved, and suspect it’s only (sub)urban legend. I love all the name carvings in the rock.

  2. Sebastien says:

    Thanks Sally. I would pay good money to see someone square dance up there. Then I would pass out, probably.

  3. Tim S says:

    Those hobbit houses look very much like the work of scupltor Patrick Dougherty. A few years back he created in installation near my hometown in New Harmony Indiana.