A Day in Hudson, NY

Posted on November 22, 2010 at 11:46 pm
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A couple of weekends ago Kim, Laura, Bennett and myself spent a lovely Saturday afternoon in Hudson, NY. I drove back to Columbia Country the next day to pay a visit to my francophile friend J. in Chatham, NY, sucking up the last ounces of nice weather November had to offer. I mentioned a pretty good exhibition at Carrie Haddad Photographs in a previous post already, but I actually took a few more photos that day. Some of these shots turned out not completely botched, so here they are, a small tribute to the end of a season.

More photos below. Click on any of the thumbnails to open a larger view, or check the full-screen Flickr slideshow if you have Flash installed.

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In the header photo, to the left, the unmistakable view on the Hudson-Athens Lighthouse, seen from the end of Warren Street. It was constructed in 1873 and acts as a general aid to navigation of the river. In the header, to the right, a sunset on I87 as we drove back to Albany. The sun, a giant ball of gas constructed about 4.5 billion years ago, acts as a general aid to find my slippers in the morning.

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Hudson isn’t very big, it is likely you will spend most of your time strolling Warren Street. There are a few little cafés with outside seating begging for you to sit down in your best shorts and read a book. The city is littered with art galleries; not everything to my taste, but certainly a little bit for everybody. There are a few restaurants worth your attention: Mexican Radio (flan), Swoon, Le Gamin (French), Baba Louie’s (organic sourdough pizza), Red Dot (lamb), Lick (crazy pretzel cone) to name a few. There you go, I just gained 3 pounds typing this.

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I mentioned it last week already, we spent a good part of the day paparazzing our dear friend Kim. She hates it, but I’ll give her credit for the creative use of cups, cell-phones, fingers, corners and small rodents to remain anonymous. It’s important to document her life because I’m pretty sure she will end up behind bars one day for talking back to the APD constantly. She is a rebel, you see.

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Seen above, Laura “keet” doing what she does best, jumping around like a mountain goat on Ecstasy. Laura has so much energy I feel like I’m exercising just talking to her. She is a hoot and is most often found with a pack of gummy bears. She is pretty artsy, obviously, since she can make shadow puppets with her feet.

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Speaking of shadows, I was asked what the *bleep* was the photo above. By myself. These are just rocks seen behind a storefront. I was strangely attracted by the way the calligraphy painted on the window was projecting on the rocks. I had in mind to take a few pictures of shadows that day, to challenge Bennett a tad. He didn’t take the bait. Shadows and chairs are his favorite things (after Jameson), but we trade now and then.

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Another photo in this short shadow series. I’m not claiming anything original here, but it’s a nice exercise to focus on shadows for a bit; try it sometimes. Look for some negative spaces at the same time and you suddenly have a stimulating situation on your hands.

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Mandatory leaf shot. It’s autumn, after all. Sometimes you find a Laura (above), and sometimes you find a girl doing some Jazzercise. You can’t always win.

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To the left, 116 Warren Street, in its yellow glory. This is a pretty famous house because: a) it fits nicely between 114 and 118, and b) Kim would “totally take a picture of that”. Kimwouldtotallytakeapictureofthat is our catch phrase whenever we see something she would shoot. She will deny vehemently, not realizing we are completely jealous that she has a style already, something that is eluding us very much. Kim, you go own that door!

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All this pressing-of-the-button-on-the-camera made us pretty hungry and we decided to stop on our way back at Golden Harvest Farm on route 9 to get some cider donuts (pictured above: not cider donuts at all). If I didn’t make it clear on this small corner of the web already, I have a serious problem with cider donuts. An addiction I can only blame on the fact that we don’t have the technology in France, and that I have 30 years to catch up to. My friends would certainly confirm I’m taking the task seriously; out of the 12 donuts we ordered, the 3 of them barely managed to secure a pair. What can I say? Talk less, eat faster, that’s what.

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Golden Harvest Farm is also home of Harvest Spirits, a very friendly micro distillery. I recommend both the quick tour and the sampling of a variety of core vodkas, applejacks and more. For science of course. They focus primarily on vodka but their distilling equipment (seen above) can produce virtually any kind of liquor, from gin and whiskey to exotics like cachaça, agave spirits and medicinal bitters. Check the quick overview of the process.

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I dabble in self-portraits (above). For more info and better photos read what Nicole Karas had to say about her adventures at Harvest Spirit on All Over Albany and Kitchen Words.

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This is it for our little road trip, check the slideshow for more. There is of course a lot to see in Columbia County, and for a good start I would recommend “12 hours in Columbia Country” at AOA.


Hudson, NY is only 45 mins south of Albany. You can take the scenic route on your way in, then stop at Golden Harvest Farm and Harvest Spirits on your way back, then I90. Golden Harvest Farm is located 3074 Us Route 9, Valatie, NY 12184 (518) 758-7683.

More photos

Bennett had his camera of course, and took some photos. Here are a few below, the rest can be found in his Flickr photoset.

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  1. B says:

    1. “pebbles rock”? I haven’t picked on you for your English lately, because honestly it’s better than most Americans. But come on, pebbles rock? This only makes sense as a declarative statement or the title of a children’s show.

    2. I did take some shadows photo (see what I did there?) that day, I’ll upload later.

    3. “Pet peeves”, I’m not sure that’s quite the right idiom, shadows and chairs are things I love so much. Pretty soon I will only take photos with shadows of chairs, and the resulting space-time anomaly will swallow our universe. Until then, I try to use my power wisely.

  2. Sebastien says:

    1. That’s “Fraggle Rock”, Bennett.
    2. I did take some “unicorns sitting on a rainbow” photo that day as well, I’ll upload later when I’m done photoshopping them.
    3. This is funny because I totally know what “pet peeve” means, so maybe I’M SEEING THE FUTURE! Woah…

  3. Paul says:

    I like the yellow door / yellow leaves diptych very much!

  4. Kim D. says:

    B- thank you for making me laugh so hard while reading your first comment that i spit my whole mouthful of soup back into the bowl
    S- thank you for single-handedly securing my reputation around albany as some kind of a nutjob via this blog

  5. Sebastien says:

    Kim, you are welcome. Rest assure everybody reads this blog. And by that I mean the opposite.